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Why South African Transcribers are in High Demand

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Why South African Transcribers are in High Demand

Why South African Transcribers are in High Demand

Here are 5 reasons why South African transcribers are in high demand:

South African transcribers

1. Affordability

South African transcribers are affordable compared to transcribers originating out of the U.S, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, etc. Experienced transcribers from these countries ask for a larger salary than what a South African would expect. The cost of living for a South African compared to most western countries is comparably lower. You are able to get a lot for the minimum wage, which isn’t a lot. So companies hiring transcribers are always looking to hire South Africans because of the quality of work they will get for a good wage. South Africans prove to be a good value for money with their high work ethic. 

2. English Skills

The English skills of South Africans are exceptional. Most parents require their children to be taught in English and this is to the benefit of their children. Later on, in the future, their child will have more opportunities to generate an income just by being fluent in English. This is more so evident today than it has been. The majority of South Africans speak English as their home language, consequently, there is no problem when it comes to being able to execute and perform a high-quality transcript for their clients. Companies are taking note of the consistency of return customers and when a customer comes back, they are returning as a lot of South Africans were their previous providers. 

3. Internet Connectivity

Reliable internet connection. South Africa has reliable broadband internet. With a good internet service provider speeds on average are above 10mbps. More than reliable for transcribing. A reliable internet connection allows transcribers to download and upload their work files faster, enabling them to be as productive as possible. 

4. Technological Advancements

For Business, South Africans are becoming more and more tech-savvy. With businesses adapting to constantly evolving technology, South Africans are adapting to the change every day and strive to do so. Digital transformation in South Africa’s banking industry has led to the development of more I.T. jobs being available and filled by suitable candidates. 

With mobile banking, mobile payments, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, the South African banking industry are staying on track with their I.T. infrastructure. Most South African schools have a curriculum that dedicates classes to Information Technology, where students are taught all of the basics of using computers to carry out the skills learned from school into their careers. There is no question about the reliability of South African I.T. skills. South Africans are I.T. literate and proud. 

5. Language Skills & Accent Interpretation

South Africans are adept at hearing different accents, be it Australian, American, British, Canadian, French, German, etc. With the introduction of satellite television, a lot of western channels are broadcasted to South Africa, so they are able to hear, decipher and understand most dialects around the world. This is so beneficial to South African transcribers when working with international transcription companies. A lot of work won’t be from native English speakers. Many audio recordings will be from individuals from European countries such as Germany, France, Belgium, etc. There will be no problem picking up their accent and decipher what is said, convert the audio, and produce a quality transcript. 

South African transcribers


South African transcribers are in high demand due to their broad English and I.T. skills. They are affordable for internal companies to hire. They are able to hear most accents, identify their origin, and work with the accent accurately to deliver a concise and easy-to-read transcript. Most South Africans have average or above-average I.T. literacy, including the ability to work with specific computer programs and easily work with word processing software. 

Are there skills in this list that resonate with your ability to become an expert transcriber? 


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