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Our Story

TypeWhizz was founded in late 2019 with the mission of uplifting communities around the world by teaching a valuable skillset, transcription.

Transcribers are in high demand since the start of 2019 and this has been amplified by the pandemic. As more businesses move to online seminars, podcasts, lectures and events – the demand for general transcribers will continue to drastically increase.

We are here to help link skilled professionals with the tools and knowledge necessary to become paid online transcribers.

Why Did We Start TypeWhizz?

TypeWhizz was founded by a professional team who are dedicated to helping people become certified transcribers.

Many years ago, one of our founders has been retrenched and was looking for new opportunities in the online space. She had come across an article about freelancers making hundreds of dollars per week as online transcribers. So, she decided to advertise her advertised her services as a transcriber. During the first few months she found that she was very busy and the jobs were flying in, yet she had very little money to show for all of her hard work.

She was spending days transcribing a single video and after all of her hard work and late nights, she was still earning less than minimum wage.

Depressed, broke and ready to give up. As a last ditch attempt, she started wondering how those other freelancers were so successful.

As a last ditch attempt, she began searching for ways to earn as much as some of the other freelancers were claiming.

She researched online forums, read articles, completed 2 transcription courses and watched as many videos as she could about how to succeed as a transcriber.

Now many years later and after much success in the industry, she has now created a course which is aimed at shortening the painful learning curve that many transcribers face. We aim to teach you:

– How to use software to manipulate audio and transcribe files faster.

– How to type like a machine and get hired by transcription giants.

– How to scale your earnings by taking advantage of multiple transcription platforms at the same time.

– On the job tips that will help you transcribe files faster. Including grammar guides, common homonyms and more.

– Software set up demonstrations and practice audio files.

– Earnings calculators, resume templates and cover letter templates.

Skip the guess work and fast-track your career as a general transcriber today.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Very great idea for students who can't complete their studies now due to covid. I was very impressed with the course.
Sophia Knight
From USA
In a world where the norm is to fill a pocket, TypeWhizz stand out and blew my mind as professional, supportive, and most of all CARING. I truly look forward to a long and abundant relationship with Type Whizz.
Steve Hughes
From South Africa
Very impressed with Type Whizz's initiative to help those in need during these particularly trying times and a new era of working from home.
They have been of great help to me and have answered all my queries within less than 2 days (even during the weekend).
Christine Du Toit
From South Africa
I purchased the course and received the learning material and links straight away. However, after considering my available time and resources at the moment, I decided to not continue. I communicated through Facebook and got a refund within just two or three days. So I am happy with the services.
Diandra Steenekamp
From South Africa