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What Our Transcribers Have to Say

I registered for training around August and I had never transcribed anything before. The videos are a bit long but I am able to put food on the table for my family while I look for a job in my field.
Kelvin Silson
From Dallas, United States
As a stay at home mom, this is the perfect side hustle for me. I am able to work around my baby's schedule.
Zara Swan
From Essex, United Kingdom
I like the flexibility of working from home and so far this has turned out pretty great. I can look after my daughters during the day and transcribe at night while hubby makes dinner and puts the girls to sleep!
Rebecca Garland
From Pennsylvania, United States
So happy I found this actually - been a great way to make money while I am on furlough due to the recent restrictions. It is not a full salary but it helps with the bills.
Conrad Baker
From Leads, United Kingdom
I am a student and due to the recent restrictions it has been difficult for me to earn money as I used to work at a coffee shop. I am now able to support myself and work around my studies - it has been awesome!!
Jessica Boshoff
From Newcastle
The training is informative. New to this area as I am, I've been looking into working from home. I did not know whether pursuing this was workable to my situation but so far everything has been great! The work is simple and the pay is steady.
Mariska Schoeman
From Cape Town, South Africa