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Top 5 Work From Home Jobs (NO Experience Required)

Work From Home Jobs

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Are you looking for simple work-from-home jobs that you can do without any experience? The good news is that yes, they do exist, and you can get started with them today!

Here are the top 5 work-from-home jobs you can choose today that don’t require ANY experience:

  • Data entry clerk
  • Social media evaluator
  • Travel Consultant
  • Conducting surveys
  • Transcriber 

Keep reading to find out more about how you can earn some cash from home without any experience! Let’s dive in.

Top 5 Work From Home Jobs (NO Experience Required)

Work From Home Jobs

1. Data Entry Clerk

Median annual salary according to is $37,995.

Data entry clerks put information and data into computer systems, for example, on excel spreadsheets or word documents. They may also change data figures on these systems, and, type in the information from paper.

Data entry clerks’ main duties include:

  • Typing quickly and accurately
  • Make spreadsheets to track imperative client data and orders
  • Taking information from paper and putting it into digital format
  • Update client data in a database
  • Utilize common office gear, like scanners and printers.
  • Look for and explore data contained in files.

Data entry clerks usually work for corporations, they can work remotely and often work as part of a team, dividing up tasks between each individual. 

Data entry clerks have the following skills:

  • Organization: Data Entry Clerks need to have good all-round organizational skills, if they make a small error it can have a big impact on the state of the business.
  • Computer skills: Data Entry Clerks spend most of their day on a computer, they must be able to type fast and use Microsoft Office like a pro. 
  • Customer service: Certain Data Entry Clerks have to speak to customers to get information, they must be able to communicate effectively to retrieve this information.
  • Project management: There are a lot of different projects for Data Entry Clerks and they may need to move from one project to another.

2. Social Media Evaluator

The median annual salary according to is $38,927.

Social media evaluators check out advertising from different companies and give honest feedback to those companies about their advertising executions, they check newsfeeds, search results, and content across the internet. 

Social media evaluators’ main duties:

  • Check ads for relevance and good standard and report back
  • Sort posts into predefined topic categories
  • Evaluate whether facts claimed in ads are correct
  • And more…

Content reviewed is based on ad copy, call-to-action, ad description, and headline, companies are looking for multiple social media evaluators because reviews are subjective to a great extent, and so, more reviews are necessary to get accuracy.

Appearance is important too in advertising, therefore, social media evaluators look for whether the ads are eye-catching, or if they encourage people to find out more. 

Lastly, relevance is another considered aspect within the reviewing process, are the ads relevant to the target market, demographically and linguistically?

The downside to this job is that it isn’t very easy to find much work, keep reading along.

3. Travel Consultant

Median annual salary according to $31,880 

As you would have most likely heard by the name, a Travel Consultant is involved in people’s overseas trips. Travel Consultants book and organize clients’ entire trips from A to Z. 

Travel consultant’s main duties:

  • Investigating different destinations and means of travel including getting the best pricing for clients, reviews of places, weather, etc
  • Suggesting the right travel packages based on clients’ needs and wishes as well as accommodation and secure rental transport
  • Supplying clients with travel information such as guides, maps, and event programs
  • Collecting deposits and balances
  • Sell promotional itinerary tour packages
  • Be ready for problems that may arise like complaints, and sorting out money returns
  • Keep records of clients’ information digitally

Travel consultants have the following skills:

  • Understanding of necessary travel software
  • Competency in English; another language will be advantageous
  • Excellent sales skills and a customer-first approach
  • Sufficient knowledge about the world of travel

You may decide to work from home as a travel consultant for a company, or as part of your own freelance company, you may need to study for a degree to get work. For something you can do without a formal education, keep reading.

4. Conducting surveys

Work From Home Jobs

Median annual salary according to $35924.

Conducting online surveys is a complicated job that requires a lot of work, but there are ways to go about conducting surveys as well as tasks that surveyors must carry out.

Surveyors’ main duties:

  • Present analyses and summaries of survey data, this includes tables, graphs, and fact sheets that explain the techniques and results used for the survey. Liaise with clients to make surveys according to their requirements
  • Investigate online to get information about different survey topics. Conduct surveys to collect data, using ways like interviews, questionnaires, market analysis surveys, and polls.
  • Link with different researchers in arranging surveys
  • Utilizing sample disposition reports and response rate calculations, track and assess survey performance
  • Create documentation for the questionnaire creation process, data gathering techniques, sampling plans, and sample statistical weighting decisions

How to conduct a survey:

  • Figure out your research goals: What do you want to find out from this survey?
  • Make a questions list: People taking surveys to appreciate multiple choice questions, keep the language simple, and avoid double meanings/ambiguity
  • Invite participants: You can make use of email lists, Facebook, and other sites to put your survey out there
  • Gather responses: Gather them up and work out your response rate which is the amount of answered surveys divided by the number of people in the sample
  • Analyze data: You can use graphs to visualize, word clouds, or spreadsheets

Conducting surveys is not an easy job if you’re looking for something a little more simple, so keep reading to find out about a revolutionary job.

5. Transcribing

Median annual salary according to $58536 a year

You’ve probably noticed the subtitles at the bottom of the screen if you watch movies or videos. Well, transcribers are the people who type those texts.

Due to the pandemic, transcription has become a highly sought-after skill in 2020. Since the year 2020 began, the demand for transcription services has increased as a result of the development of virtual meetings and classrooms as well as changes in the medical sector.

Companies all over the world are looking for dependable and skilled transcribes to help with audio to text conversion. Transcriptionists are now needed every day by medical practices, clinics, government organizations, law firms, insurance providers, hospitals, and academic institutions all over the world, making this a great work-from-home option for mothers.

When you become a transcriber, you can choose the hours that you would like to work. Transcribers are not micromanaged, meaning that they are responsible for the work that they submit at the end of the week.

In terms of earnings, you can expect to make  $3.00 to $11.00 an hour. That said, an experienced transcriber can make considerably more, with the average being $20 per hour.


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