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What is the Average Salary of a Beginner Transcriber?

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what is the average salary of a beginner transcriber

What is the Average Salary of a Beginner Transcriber?

The latest report on the average salary of beginner transcribers is August 26, 2021. Today’s transcribers earn an average salary of $34,814 a year. That is $2,901 per month.

Research done by ZipRecruiter, shows salaries of beginner transcribers range between $25,000 and $41,000 per year. Top salaries are recorded at $49,500 per year.

Based on recent job listings within the beginner transcriber job market in South Africa there is a lot of ongoing activity. Most beginner transcribers in South Africa earn an average of $2,901 per month.

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What Do Transcribers Do?

A transcriber is a professional who is responsible for creating accurate written versions of audio and video recordings, editing and reviewing transcriptions done by speech recognition software, and identifying any inconsistencies to give a clear easy to read transcript.

With your audio file at hand on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, it can be immediately uploaded to Google Drive. From there the transcriptionist will download the file and import the file to professional transcription software, where the software will assist the transcriber and the process of converting the audio file to text can proceed.

A professional transcriber goes through fundamental training and is responsible for upholding the quality of work. Transcribers have to have a good understanding of the language they are working with, be able to interpret the conversation, meeting, or dialogue as it is on file. Having a good typing speed will benefit the transcriber and can ensure the work is done before the client’s deadline. On average transcribers can type 65 words and over per minute.

what is the average salary of a beginner transcriber

How To Get Started as a Transcriber

Becoming a transcriber is not complicated and an ideal way for people to make money from home. Although, getting started in transcription can be difficult due to competition in the industry and how the demand for general transcriptionists is increasing everyday.

If you are starting out with little to no experience in transcription and you are looking for more insight into what it is to become a transcriptionist, then you’ve come to the right article. You will get a good idea about the ins and outs of what transcribers are responsible for.

what is the average salary of a beginner transcriber

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Transcriber?

Being a transcriber is one of the best work-from-home jobs available to individuals looking to supplement their income or become a full-time transcriber.

Working from home, consequently means you have no requirement for transport to take you to work and back. You are saving money and decreasing your carbon footprint, win-win.

When you start transcribing, you will be working with a lot of documents with plenty of information, conveniently, you will learn more about various subjects that you didn’t know about previously, be it from the medical, legal, or general transcription industry.

what is the average salary of a beginner transcriber


You can start earning a good salary as a beginner transcriber, be sure you have everything you need, laptop, headphones and a reliable internet connection.

You can expect a higher salary if you have prior experience and training. Experienced transcribers will skip the minimum wage and companies will compensate according to your experience and level of training.


what is the average salary of a beginner transcriber

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