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Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners

Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners

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is general transcription a good career

Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners

If you’re new to the transcribing game, then you’ll need to start building experience through  online transcription businesses designed for beginners, but which are your best options?

When it comes to transcribing, you want to find a company that offers proper training and guides you through the entire process. Ideally, they should also be able to provide you with a network of partners that can provide you with a steady stream of transcription jobs once you become qualified. The company will also state that no prior experience is required, so you should be able to apply immediately and begin training.

With all this in mind, keep reading to find out which are the best online transcription jobs for beginners as well as how much money you can expect to make!

Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners

How Do I Get a Transcription Job With No Experience?

Starting a new venture is always daunting, and with so many options online, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one is reliable. You also don’t want to be taken advantage of because you are new to the industry, so it’s always good to go with a well-known company that many people have recommended. 

That said, many of these companies are extremely competitive, so you’ll be fighting off others for jobs on a regular basis. Not only are they competitive, but many of them place you on a long waiting list for jobs, or they may not be accepting any new applicants due to the high demand. This means you may be without work for some time, which isn’t ideal.

Some well-known transcribing companies that accept beginners include the following:

One important thing to remember with these companies is that you have to achieve top marks in the tests and truly prove yourself to be an accurate, quality transcriber if you want to make decent money.

Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners

Pro Tips for Passing Transcription Tests and Getting Hired

1. Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to ensure that you pass a transcription test is by practicing beforehand. Ideally, you should be able to type at least 60 words per minute without looking at the keyboard if you want to make decent money. While transcription companies will likely still hire you if your speed is below that, you’re just making things harder for yourself.

If you want to practice, start by watching an interesting YouTube video and see how accurately and quickly you can transcribe the information. Practice makes perfect!

2. Learn Proper Formatting

If you’re going to be a transcriber, you need to familiarize yourself with the correct formatting beforehand. Most companies require a line break between speakers, and you’ll want to make sure that you are using the correct font size, style, and save the files in the correct format.

If you’re looking for an example you can take a look here.

3. Invest in Transcription Tools

If you don’t have quality headsets, a decent keyboard,  a PC and a quiet space, then you’re probably not going to do too well on your test. Make sure that you have all the appropriate equipment before you do the test so that you don’t set yourself at a disadvantage.

If you’re wondering which equipment you’ll need to flourish, you can find out everything you need to know here.

4. Train Your Brain to Think Critically

When transcribing, there are going to be times where you have to think on your feet and make a logical interpretation of what is being said in an audio clip. The answer may not always be obvious, so the onus is on you to polish your comprehension skills so you’re on top of your game.

5. Double-Check Spelling and Grammar

Handing in a transcription test with poor grammar and spelling mistakes is not a good look. If you know that this isn’t your strong point, then you may want to download an app such as Grammarly to make sure you are handing in quality work.

How Much Does a Beginner Transcriptionist Make?

If you’re wondering how much money you can make as a beginner with transcription, then here’s your answer!

The 2021 statistics for entry-level transcribers state that the average entry-level transcriber earns $34,814 per annum. To equate this to a monthly amount you’re looking at around $2,901/month. That said, this amount can significantly increase as your typing accuracy and speed improves.

If sounds good to you, then you’re probably wondering how you can get work, so keep reading to find out.

How Can I Ensure I Get Transcription Work Once Qualified?

When it comes to securing jobs in transcription, it can be extremely competitive. With so many people and limited job availability, there can be times where work is dry.

In order to avoid this, you’ll want to train through a company with a vast network of partners so that you have a steady stream of jobs every week. You’ll also want to make sure that you are trained through a company that knows what clients are looking for and train you accordingly with the best tips and tricks for transcription success. requires no experience and offers their students actionable training, as well as job boards listing to ensure that you secure a steady stream of jobs every week. In fact, Typewhizz  is the only company that trains you and guides you through the process. With Typewhizz, you can expect to earn £20-100 per day, within less than 3 weeks.


Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners

is general transcription a good career


If you’re looking for a trusted and reputable transcription company, TypeWhizz trains you and helps you to build your career as you progress, and ensures that you get steady jobs every week. 

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