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Transcription Job Scams (How to Avoid Getting Scammed)

Transcription Job Scams

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is general transcription a good career

Transcription Job Scams (How To Avoid Getting Scammed)

Transcription work is in high demand with many companies claiming legitimate training and work opportunities, but how many of them are a scam?

When it comes to avoiding transcription job scams, it’s always important that you research the company thoroughly and be wary when the salary offered seems too high for the position advertised. Some additional red flags are an unrealistic sense of urgency, asking for personal information and money, and avoiding meeting face to face.

Keep reading to find out more about how you can avoid online transcription scams and keep your money safe!

Transcription Job Scams

8 Common Signs a Transcription Job is a Scam

While it may be true that millions of people are scammed every day, scammers are flawed in several ways. If you educate yourself on how to spot some common scamming giveaways, then you’re protecting yourself from becoming another statistic. Let’s dive in! 


1. Asking for Money

While some companies that ask for remuneration for training are legitimate, others are not. If a company seems too pushy to get money from you without a written contract or face-to-face interaction, then you should definitely proceed with caution. You should never share your personal information and banking details with companies that are not well-known, as you are opening yourself up to a scam.

2. Dodgy Reviews

Another massive red flag to watch out for is a lack of legitimate reviews. Hello Peter is an excellent site to check out and see what other customers have to say, and you can gauge a sense of the company reputation and reliability. If you only see good reviews this may also be a red flag, as they may be fake. Alternatively, it may be as simple as finding reviews stating that the company is a fraud by other victims. In this case, you would have just saved yourself from becoming the next!

3. Sense of Urgency

Another red flag to watch out for is a pushy sense of urgency. Companies that tell you that you only have a few minutes to make payment or sign up until you miss a deal is a massive sign that they’re trying to reel you into a scam quickly before you realize that it is one.

4. You Don't Receive a Contract

Receiving a legitimate contract with the company name on is always a good sign. That said, if you have received nothing in writing with the company logo on, then you should proceed with caution. If you request something in writing and the company is reluctant to give it to you, take that as a bad omen.

5. No Contact Information

You should be able to contact a legitimate company through email or through a phone call during business hours. If you are battling to get through or the number doesn’t exist, then it’s a sign that this company is a scam.

6. Offering Money

Strangely enough, companies may actually offer you money in order to try and win your trust. They can even send fake proof of payments to gain your trust, and then make up a reason for you to send them money that is work-related. In the end, you’ll end up out of pocket and they’ll be smiling all the way to the bank—with your money.

7. The Desperation is Real

If you try to leave the site and it keeps re-directing you back despite your best efforts, then this company is likely desperate for your money. If you notice several spammy pop-ups every time you try to navigate away, it’s likely to be a scam.

8. They are Reluctant to Answer Your Questions

If you’re interested in a position, it’s only natural that you will have questions. That said, a reputable company will be able to answer every question you have and they won’t give you vague, dismissive responses.

Transcription Job Scams

is general transcription a good career


When it comes to any online exchange, you need to always have your guard up. Scammers are everywhere and they prey on vulnerable people, specifically those who are desperate for an income. Since transcribing is such an easy way to make some extra cash, it is often utilized as a way to reel people in and steal their hard-earned cash.

If you’re looking for a trusted and reputable transcription company, TypeWhizz trains you and helps you to build your career as you progress, and ensures that you get steady jobs every week. 

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