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5 Benefits Of Getting Certified With TypeWhizz

5 Benefits Of Getting Certified With TypeWhizz

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Is TypeWhizz a Legit Company?

TypeWhizz.co.uk is a legitimate and unique company with a vision to create profitable employment opportunities for South Africans looking for extra income.

While there are several reputable companies that offer similar services, TypeWhizz is different in that it provides clients with hundreds of pages of content that they can use to further their careers, as well as a job board listing they can utilize to pick up a steady stream of jobs. That said, they can expect to earn between R350-R1500 with the opportunities provided, making TypeWhizz an excellent option for South Africans looking to make some extra cash.

Keep reading to learn more about what transcribing entails and how you can get started!

What Does a Transcriber Do?

5 Benefits Of Getting Certified With TypeWhizz

In a nutshell, transcribers listen to audios and videos and translate what is said into accurate text. With technology becoming more advanced, transcription has become a lucrative industry with millions of jobs available worldwide. Transcription jobs can vary from noting down journalist interviews, meetings, conference presentations, and can also include more specialized  services in the legal and medical field.

5 Benefits of Getting Certified With TypeWhizz

5 Benefits Of Getting Certified With TypeWhizz

Transcription is an in demand skill in 2021 and TypeWhizz is one of the leaders in the field. Here are 5 of the top benefits you can expect when you get certified with TypeWhizz:

1. Actionable Training

Unlike other transcription companies, TypeWhizz guides you throughout your training to ensure that you are equipped with the right knowledge to succeed and make money. This includes transcription software recommendations, practice audio files, and over 300 pages of content that will help you become a pro in no time at all.

2. Steady Work Guaranteed

The unique thing about TypeWhizz is the fact that they offer a job board to their clients where they can pick up a steady stream of jobs. This job board connects students with companies that are actively hiring transcribers with competitive pay, making job searching very convenient.

3. No Experience Required

The other great thing about TypeWhizz is the fact that it doesn’t require any prior transcription experience. The only requirements needed is the ability to type 35 words or more per minute and be fluent in English.

4. Competitive Pay

Because of their extensive training and network of clients, students can expect to earn between R350-R1500 per day doing transcription work through TypeWhizz. This is extremely competitive pay compared to other companies, which is a huge benefit that you can expect.

5. Flexibility

TypeWhizz provides you with everything you need to succeed and you can do it all in your own time. You don’t have any set hours and you’re essentially your own boss, making work an absolute pleasure. You get to be your own boss!


With Typewhizz, you’ll learn how to  utilize software to transcribe files in the most professional capacity, and you’ll increase your typing speed and transcribing abilities faster than you would with any other company. 

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