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What is An Online Transcriptionist

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what is an online transcriptionist

What is An Online Transcriptionist?


Alright, we are here to find out: what is an online transcriptionist? 

It is common knowledge that technology is changing a lot of how individuals conduct business. When it comes to recording important information we can do this easily just by a touch of a button on our smartphones.

Taking advantage of modern technology this way, in order to document details discussed in a business meeting. For example,  a professional interview for studies. Most of these meetings and discussions are recorded with the intention of documenting, by converting the audio into text, this can be extremely time-consuming. You can be a great typist. There will be times when you don’t understand what was said the first time, in the recording. So running the audio back without professional transcribing software and the assistance of a foot pedal can be very difficult.

So outsourcing a professional transcriber for your recorded audio or video to a general transcriptionist in order to get the best quality transcript is going to be your best bet. For the cost of a transcriptionist versus the time, it will take you to do the work on your own. You are far better off going with the former and hiring a professional transcriber who can do the work in an agreed time and receive an accurate transcript of your audio file.

With the way business is evolving and adapting to social media, transcribers/transcriptionists are more in demand now than ever.

what is an online transcriptionist

The Transcriber’s Role


A transcriber is a professional who is responsible for creating accurate written versions of audio and video recordings. Including editing and reviewing transcriptions done by speech recognition software, and identifying any inconsistencies to give a clear easy to read transcript.

With your audio file at hand on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, it can be immediately uploaded to Google Drive. From there the transcriptionist will download the file and import the file to professional transcription software, where the software will assist the transcriber and the process of converting the audio file to text can proceed.

A professional transcriber has covered fundamental training and is responsible for upholding the quality of work. 

Transcribers are to have a good understanding of the language they are working with, be able to interpret the conversation, meeting, or dialogue as it is on file. Having a good typing speed will benefit the transcriber and can ensure the work is done before the client’s deadline. On average transcribers can type 65 words and over per minute.

Grammar and punctuation are very important. To transcribe a perfect transcript transcribers have adequate writing skills to ensure the desired transcript is according to standards.

How Long Does Transcription Take?

A professional transcriber should be able to type in the range of 65 to 75 words per minute. When typing at 75 words per minute, the industry standard is roughly a minimum of 4 to 5 hours to transcribe 1 hour of recorded audio or video.

This is an estimate as there are a few factors that can alter the speed transcribers take to complete a transcript. These being:

The number of people talking in the audio.
The quality and clarity of the recording.
The clarity or accent of the individuals speaking (non-native English speakers, mumbling, not close to the microphone)

what do online transcriptionists earn


Categories that General Transcriptionists Work With:

  1. Podcasts. The bulk of podcasters will get their podcasts transcribed to repurpose for social media.
  2. Video Transcription. Businesses that implement a video marketing strategy will get their videos transcribed in order to reap the benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  3. Web conferences and seminars. A business that hosts a web conference/seminar will transcriber their videos for marketing purposes for use on social media or their website.
  4. Legal Transcription. A lot of legal transcription jobs require you to be trained. Legal businesses will hire qualified transcribers to do their work as a qualified transcriptionist will have prior experience of terminology of law and legal procedures.
  5. Insurance Transcription. Insurance agents will use audio recorders when examining accident scenes. These recordings are later transcribed to decide whether a client’s insurance claim will be successful or not.
  6. Foreign language transcription, and or translation. Businesses that expand to world wide markets, their media, especially audio and video content will need to be translated and transcribed to cater for foreign language markets.


A transcriber is a professional typist that listens to audio files or video files and converts what they hear into text. Transcribers will implement the necessary grammar to write an accurate transcript for easy reading. A professional can type between 65 to 75 words per minute, and on average take 4 to 5 hours to transcribe an hour of audio.

A transcriber that works with a transcription company who hires transcribers remotely, or has their own on site transcribers, will most likely pay you an average wage depending on experience and the company.

Most transcribers do work as a freelancer and find that transcribing freelance can be more rewarding than working for a company and this is an option for you to consider. You can set up your profiles on relevant social media in order to drive more business to grow, work at your own rates and work for the people you choose.

Now you know what an online transcriptionist is. Are you ready to become an online transcriber?

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