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How To Find A Job As A Virtual Assistant

how to find a job as a virtual assistant

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Do you have an interest in working as a virtual assistant? Learn how to get started today!

Becoming a virtual assistant has its perks due to the flexibility and decent pay, so how can you secure this position?

Here’s how to get a job as a virtual assistant:

  1. Explore Conventional Job Sites
  2. Create a Social Media Profile
  3. Go to Networking Occasions
  4. Start a Blog or Website
  5. Join an Online Community
  6. Consult With Your Network of Professionals
  7. Look at Freelance Websites
  8. Sign Up to VA Websites
  9. Look Up Remote Job Websites
  10. Apply to a VA Firm

Keep reading to find out more about how you can secure a job as a virtual assistant!

how to find a job as a virtual assistant

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

how to find a job as a virtual assistant

how to find a job as a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) provides professional virtual assistance to a person or business. Depending on the client and their particular requirements, these tasks may change. Virtual assistants can operate on their own as independent contractors, as an employee of contracting companies, or solely for one individual or business.

how to find a job as a virtual assistant

What Does A Virtual Assistant Do?

Virtual assistants provide assistance with a range of duties that they can carry out remotely from their homes. These duties could change based on the kind of virtual assistant, their clients, or the special requirements of a business on a given day. The following are some examples of tasks a virtual assistant might carry out:

  • Taking calls
  • Setting up meetings
  • Managing websites 
  • Developing digital schedules 
  • Managing company events

how to find a job as a virtual assistant

How To Get Work As A Virtual Assistant

1. Explore conventional job sites

Some big businesses might desire to hire a virtual assistant to work only for them. They might advertise a job opening on well-known online job boards where you can submit your application. To see if any long-term positions are open, think about constantly monitoring job sites.

2. Create a social media profile

Through their social media profiles, virtual assistants frequently get job offers. On various social media sites, you might think about creating a professional social media account to promote your virtual assistant services. Additionally, you can utilise tags and digital media marketing to promote yourself to others on social media networks. The first social media platform you should equip yourself with is LinkedIn.


3. Go to networking occasions

Attending networking events will not only help you grow your professional network but also open up job opportunities as a virtual assistant. Inform participants at these events that you work as a virtual assistant. Talking to someone who has a task that needs doing or who knows someone who might have a job opening is a possibility.

4. Start a blog or website

You can boost the likelihood that someone will find your website and hire you by creating your own website or blog. You can build a website with contact information, job rates, professional references, and a digital portfolio. You may also add a website or blog to your resume so that a hiring manager can see examples of your prior work. Doing so may improve your chances of being recruited as a virtual assistant.

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5. Join an online community

You can become a member of an online entrepreneurial community if you operate as a freelancer or contractor. You may frequently connect with other independent contractors through these groups, who can provide you advise or give you information about possible employment openings. Look for groups you are a part of in online forums that might be able to point you in the direction of virtual assistant jobs.

6. Consult with your network of professionals

Finding virtual assistant jobs that might not have open positions can be facilitated by a sizable professional network. Ask others in your network if they are aware of any individuals who would benefit from a virtual assistant. Additionally, you can expand your network by going to networking events.

7. Look at freelance websites

Websites that offer short-term jobs that you can accomplish locally or online are known as freelancing sites. Jobs that a freelancer can accomplish, including data entry or digital marketing, are listed in sections on many websites for freelancers. To finish assignments and gain more work experience, think about periodically exploring well-known freelance websites.

8. Sign up to VA websites

There are several websites designed exclusively for virtual assistants that serve as professional communities or resource sites. These VA websites can help you get in touch with other virtual assistants, provide tips on how to develop your skills, and even offer job listings or other tools to assist you in finding work. Think about looking up virtual assistant websites and signing up.

how to find a job as a virtual assistant

9. Look up remote job websites

There are several websites that can provide more specific job vacancies, despite the fact that typical job sites include a vast number of job ads. Websites for remote jobs specialise in both temporary and permanent roles that allow the applicant to work from home or remotely. These websites for remote jobs allow many businesses to advertise their openings for virtual assistants.

10. Apply to a VA firm

Some businesses and organisations contract with specific consulting firms to handle their virtual assistant needs. These VA companies have access to a vast pool of potential employees and can provide them consistent work. Consider looking up some of these companies on their websites and sending your resume to them to apply for a position.

Tips For Finding A Job As A Virtual Assistant

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Here are some tips to aid in your search for a virtual assistant position:

Get Working Experience

Your chances of being recruited as a virtual assistant may be improved by being able to cite past administration or assistant work on your CV. Think about taking a job as a secretary or personal assistant if the fields interest you. Before applying for a full-time career, you might also work as a freelancer, executing certain projects to help you gain more work experience. Some popular freelance websites like UpWork can be a great place to start bidding on open positions for virtual assistance jobs.

Get Certifications

Online certification courses can teach you professional skills and, upon successful completion, provide you with a certificate that you can display on your CV. You have a wide range of certification options, including administrative skills training, virtual assistant certifications, and office assistant certifications. Try to look into virtual assistant certification programs, and think about signing up for a course to advance your credentials and abilities. You can find virtual assistant courses at Udemy to help you get certified. 

Consult Your Relatives and Friends

You might be able to assist your friends and family with certain digital duties so that you can gain experience working as a virtual assistant. You may offer to help set up programs for organisations, create websites, or arrange appointments online. You could carry out any of these tasks if you work as a virtual assistant. If you know anyone who has any virtual jobs you can accomplish for them, you might want to approach them.

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Final Thoughts

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Transcription is an excellent field to pursue and earn some extra money. That said, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right skillset and complete the relevant training to secure a regular income stream.

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