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How To Work From Home as a Transcriptionist

If you’ve been trying to find ways to make money from home and transcription has caught your eye? Well I’m here at Type Whizz to tell you how to get started, earning potential and requirements needed to become a part-time or even fulltime transcriptionist. Keep reading for more information. 
With the uncertainty of the corona virus pandemic millions of people made the shift to working from home (wherever possible). This makes now the perfect time to explore freelance transcription, especially with a continuing increase in the demand for transcription from audio documents into word documents.

Why do people become transcriptionists?

While there are many reasons to become transcriptionists, two big factors influencing people are flexibility and, of course, the comfort of working from home. You’re also able to set your hours of work, making it great for both part and full-time work. You will be able to increase your workload and income as you become more familiar and comfortable with transcription. Another big benefit of working as a transcriptionist is working alone without having deal with incoming calls, customer service issues and other problems that can arise from working in an office. It is very important to ensure you are working for a transcription company with a good reputation, be sure to do more research into a company before signing on.

Do you need previous experience for most transcription jobs?

 No, you don’t, transcriptionists come from many different backgrounds. However, there are two qualities that are important for any transcriptionist: the ability to listen properly and to type fast. It is also recommended taking time to learn how to type using more than just two fingers as this can speed up your typing immensely. Practice is definitely key to see your typing speed increase.
Along with great listening skills and the ability to type with speed, you need an excellent grasp of the English language. The quality of the audio in the files you’ll be transcribing vary from file to file. There are many factors that influence the quality ofaudio such as different accents being spoken, multiple people speaking at once, a noisy or quiet background and even the devices that recorded the audio. So as a transcriptionist, you need to have a great understanding of English and be very practiced using it.

 An example of the understanding needed: someone speaking may say “there” and you need to know whether the word they used was “there” or “their” or even “they’re”. 

How difficult is learning to become a transcriptionist?

With everything in life, you can be naturally talented with transcription just based on your ability to learn the specific skills required for transcription and thus it may be easier for you to learn, just as may be more difficult. But, again, practice is key to improving your transcription skills.

What is a ‘WFH’ environment of a transcriptionist like?

Your ‘work from home’ space (along with routine) is entirely up to you. If you are a stay-at-home parent, you can fit your transcription in around your parental responsibilities, if you’re are a student you can work between your tests and studies. I personally love the work from home lifestyle, as being a night owl, I have found my productivity is much better later in the day and night-time. One thing to definitely ensure is a comfortable office chair as you’ll work for long periods of time for the  longer transcription jobs and you need have proper back support and feel comfortable.

Finding your first transcription job!

The requirements of transcription companies vary. While some will prefer you to have previous experience, there are companies that will hire new transcriptionists, no experience required, your pay will just start lower than those with experience.
It is true that completing a transcription course is optional, however it can take you longer to earn more from transcription as you have to learn the tools and software without guidance. With a transcription course certificate in hand, (like the one you’d receive from completing our TypeWhizz course) you will have an upperhand and some experience when applying for jobs with transcription companies. 

 Here is a description, directly from TypeWhizz, of why our course if definitely worth investing yourself in: “We provide high quality transcription training to prospective transcribers who are interested in becoming freelance transcriptionists. Our training course is comprehensive, offering over 100 pages of content, practice audio files, resume templates, software setup recommendations and more.
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