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How to Pass Transcription Tests and Get Hired

How to pass transcription tests and get hired

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how to pass transcription tests and get hired

How to Pass Transcriptions Tests and Get Hired

Transcription companies hold a number of transcription tests. These transcription tests are held to allow the transcription companies to quality check their candidates. Once you pass their test you are hired and can start earning your allocated wage.

If you are a student of Type Whizz, fortunately you will have a bit of experience when it comes to a transcription test and you will be well prepared for transcription tests from companies you start applying to.

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how to pass transcription tests and get hired

These are 7 hacks to pass transcription tests.

These are tips to keep in mind when writing transcription tests:

1. Listen Thoroughly

Your ability to listen to words from audio recordings effectively is a serious requirement for passing your transcription test online. When you are listening and typing during your test you must be focused without any distractions. Too many wrong words will negatively affect the outcome of your score. So be sure to be in a closed and quiet environment and don’t let anything distract you during your test.

There may be occurrences for the audio to be disturbed and unintelligible, in this case, you will insert this term in brackets, [unintelligible], or whatever the study criteria for a test requires. Remember that transcription tests are timed, so use your time wisely.

how to pass transcription tests and get hired

2. Practice Typing Accurately and Quickly

Each company sets its own acceptable standards for typing speed, the minimum average speed you want to type is at least 60 words per minute(wpm), accurately. Being able to watch your monitor without looking at your keyboard is advantageous in order to type accurately and efficiently.

What can also help is by practicing from audio transcription videos that you can find online or in our training. If you are considering transcription to be your next career, your typing speed will need to be accurate and quick. First and foremost, accuracy will be more important than speed. The faster you can successfully submit a transcript, this will consequently mean you will have more jobs available to you.

3. Use Proper Punctuation

Punctuation is tricky, knowing where to put a comma or a full stop. Punctuation has its various rules that depend on the purpose of the context. For example, academic writing has stringent punctuation rules in which the US and UK are opposed. You find that, in the US, periods and commas are typically placed inside quotations but are placed outside in the UK. Be sure about which method you will use, this will be determined by where the test is based.

To be safe, you should practice audio transcription using standard academic rules for testing.

how to pass transcription tests and get hired

4. Freshen Up Your Grammar and Spelling

Correct grammar and spelling are important in transcription tests. Be sure to check your efforts by using a spell check/grammar program. Remember and understand each of the functions for the parts of speech in the English Language:

  • Nouns (people, places, and things)
  • Pronouns (him/her/his/hers/theirs)
  • Verbs (doing words, running, swimming, eating, walking)
  • Adverbs (slow+ly = slowly, quick+ly = quickly)
  • Adjectives (descriptive words: beautiful, fast, slow, tall, short, etc)
  • Prepositions (in the park, at the cinema, by the mall)
  • Conjunctions (and, but, or, however)
  • Interjections (standalone words: hey, hi, yes)

5. Use Critical Thinking

Be able to use critical thinking to your advantage. At times you must decide to make the correct decision with how the speaker is speaking in context and how to articulate what words to use. For example, you may hear the word “there” or “their”, and being able to pick up on the context the word is used and to decide on the correct word input is important.

how to pass transcription tests and get hired

6. Learn Transcription Formatting

The objective to score highly in your transcription test online can easily be met with a clear understanding of transcription formatting. Transcription services usually require specific formatting, which you will need to review according to your study guide from the company you are applying to. For example, when transcribing between various speakers, you will insert a line break between each speaker. Identifiers such as “audience” or “speaker” are usually typed in bold.

Once you have completed a transcript, your company will ask you to save the file, using the appropriate file name and extension, such as “TranscriptionTest13.mp4”. Font types, page layouts, margins, and font size are all a part of formatting.

7. Have Quality Transcription Equipment

As an independent transcriber, you will need to have your own reliable personal computer, a comfortable, good-quality headset, and transcription software (free/paid). Most importantly is the quality of your headphones, you will need to be sure the frequency balance of the headphones you have a match that of the human voice accompanied by cushioned ear cups.

how to pass transcription tests and get hired


Passing your transcription test will be a breeze by following these 7 tips to pass transcription tests. Have a good command of the English language, including, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Be confident in your ability to perform transcription services with prior experience through training. Type accurately and quickly, more so accurately than quickly. Being a quick transcriber will benefit you and the amount of money you can expect each week.

Now Go and Ace Your Transcription Test!