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How To Get Started as a Transcriber

How To Get Started as a Transcriber

Becoming a transcriber/transcriptionist is uncomplicated and an ideal way for people to make money from home. Although, getting started in transcription can be difficult due to competition in the industry and how the demand for general transcriptionists is increasing everyday.

If you are starting out with little to no experience in transcription and you are looking for more insight into what it is to become a transcriptionist, then you’ve come to the right article. You will get a good idea about the ins and outs of what transcribers are responsible for.

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What is Transcription and Who is a Transcriptionist/Transcriber?

The easiest way to explain transcription, would be the process of converting recorded audio to a text document, this is transcription or transcribing. The transcriptionist is the professional who is responsible for transcribing your audio by means of software, skills and experience to take an audio file and convert the audio into text format as a detailed and accurate transcript.

Transcription is used in either the medical, legal or general transcription industry.

Is Transcribing the Right Career for Me?

Whether transcribing is for you or not is by researching the subject more, and consider taking a transcribing course to get a better understanding of transcription. If you believe you have what it takes, take our free quiz here to see how you are suited.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Transcriber?

Being a transcriber is one of the best work-from-home jobs available to individuals looking to supplement their income or become a full-time transcriber.

Working from home, consequently means you have no requirement for transport to take you to work and back. You are saving money and decreasing your carbon footprint, win-win.

When you start transcribing, you will be working with a lot of documents with plenty of information, conveniently, you will learn more about various subjects that you didn’t know about previously, be it from the medical, legal, or general transcription industry.

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How to Get Started as a Transcriber?

Being a remote worker and working online is a popular career choice especially more recently. We’ve gone through the details of how to get started as a transcriber/transcriptionist here.

Working as a transcriber is a good career for individuals who value quality work. Transcribers work with professional industries that require all their recorded documents to be accurately written with good grammar, good punctuation, and an understanding of the dialogue being spoken in the audio file to write a concise, easy-to-read transcript.

So, does becoming a transcriber/transcriptionist require training? That is a good question and is ultimately up to you. Being a professional transcriber can work in your favor when you have the qualification with experience. Transcribers that are qualified when they start working, tend to earn more than the transcribers that start with no qualification. This is a defining factor to consider. There are tools and tips to the trade, so, as far as getting training before starting, we recommend starting with training in order to get the knowledge and experience of transcribing before you start working jobs.

Career Opportunities for Transcribers

Transcribers start their careers with a range of options to choose from when considering specific industries to work for. Transcribers typically work for legal, medical, or general transcription for corporate businesses. So the career opportunities as a transcriber are plentiful. Consider becoming a medical transcriptionist, legal transcriptionist, or work for general businesses that require transcribing services.

What Do Transcribers Earn?

The salary you can expect to earn depends on whether or not you have the qualification and or experience.

Many transcribers start transcribing without training and experience, consequently on a low salary. When applying to jobs with the relevant qualifications and background you will benefit from the outcome of what salary you can expect to receive as it will be better than transcribers starting with no experience. Consider taking our online course.

How Do You Get Jobs as a Transcriptionist?

Being a work-from-home transcriber opens your doors to multiple job opportunities. You can search for local listings or global listings with many companies that are happy to hire transcriptionists from anywhere in the world.

If you have friends that are transcriptionists, ask them where to start applying for jobs. Did you start transcribing with a training provider? They can direct you to some of the suitable companies that are hiring transcribers such as yourself.

Are you ready to start Transcribing today?

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