Becoming a Transcriber from Home


10 Things You Must Know Before Becoming a Transcriber from Home

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10 Things You Must Know Before Becoming a Transcriber from Home

Become a Transcriber from Home

10 Things You Must Know
Before You Become a Transcriber from Home

1. What Skills Do I Need?

A transcriber from home is required to be a good typist, you are to type roughly 50 to 70 words per minute. To be a fast typist you will have to include accuracy in terms of grammar and punctuation. You will need to be efficient to consistently meet deadlines given by your clients. You are to keep a professional attitude at all times when working as a transcriber.

2. Will I Like Transcription?

To be a transcriber you need to work with accuracy, confidentiality, the ability to work at a consistent rate to meet deadlines, and product quality written transcripts. Your quality of work needs to be of a high standard and most clients won’t settle for less. So if you are good at paying attention to detail and you are able to meet your client’s deadlines, transcription is for you!

3. What Can I Earn?

Depending on your training and level of experience, you can earn from $20 to $40 and over, an hour as a transcriptionist. When you are starting out as a transcriber it is expected that you will receive a low salary until you start gaining relevant experience. The more work you get and the experience you build will lead to you getting a higher salary. When you are a trained transcriber you can skip the low salary and earn an average salary to start.

Become a Transcriber from Home

4. What Are The Benefits of Working From Home?

Working as a transcriber from home comes with plenty of benefits, from starting your day at any time, setting your own schedule, and working with the jobs you choose. You can stop worrying about fuel prices or other means of transport because you don’t require commuting to work and back as a home-based transcriptionist. So you can be sure that you are your own boss and you can take as many breaks as you can afford. You don’t have to report to anyone when you are sick either.

5. Career Opportunities for Transcribers

Transcribers start their careers with a range of options to choose from when considering specific industries to work for. Transcribers typically work for legal, medical, or general transcription for corporate businesses. So the career opportunities as a transcriber are plentiful. Become a medical transcriptionist, legal transcriptionist, or work for general businesses that require transcribing services.

6. Becoming a Transcriber

The first and foremost fundamental of becoming a transcriber is ensuring that you receive proper training in order to meet your job requirements. Completing training and receiving a qualification where possible is ideal when starting your career as a transcriber. There are a lot of skills to learn and it isn’t recommended to jump into transcription without any training and experience. Your credibility as a transcriber will play a role in the jobs you get accepted to. Start your training today!

7. Where Do I Find Jobs?

Being a remote transcriber opens your doors to multiple job opportunities. You can search for local listings or global listings as many companies are happy to hire transcriptionists from anywhere in the world. If you have friends that are transcriptionists, ask them where to start applying for jobs. Did you start transcribing with a training provider? They can direct you to some of the suitable companies that are hiring transcribers such as yourself. Take the time to build your social media presence as a professional transcriber.

skills that transcriptionists need

8. How Do I Pay Tax on a Home Based Transcription Business?

You are responsible for the payment of your own taxes. You are running your own home-based business, so you will need a record of all of your details to make arrangements for payment of your taxes, be it quarterly, semi-annual, or on an annual basis. Be sure that your information is correct by keeping track of all of your income and expenses.

9. Can Transcription Be a Side Gig?

You have a full-time job. No problem. Being a transcriber/transcriptionist can be ideal for individuals seeking part-time income. You will have 8 to 9 dedicated hours to commit to your full-time employment, then you will need to be sure to allocate the necessary amount of work you can complete in the time you have to yourself. Transcription jobs can be completed in a relatively short time, hence you will find you can get the job done in between having a full-time gig, no problem.

10. What Equipment Will I Need?

Recommended pieces of equipment successful transcribers are to have in their transcribing arsenal. You will need a reliable and up-to-date computer. You will need a pair of decent noise-canceling headphones. Having a comfortable chair and desk is optimal as you will spend a bit of time in front of your screen typing away. You can consider buying a foot pedal, however, if you are just starting that may be something to consider once you start getting more experience. Lastly, you will need a stable internet connection to fulfill your work online.


Having the correct equipment, the right skills, the proper training and a professional attitude are the key fundamentals to becoming a transcriber. With basic computer knowledge and keen ears, you will go a long way as an online home transcriber. 


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Become a Transcriber from Home

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