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People Are Earning Thousands By Typing

People are making thousands of dollars by typing

If you watch movies or videos, you’ve probably noticed the subtitles at the bottom of the screen. The people who type those texts are called Transcribers. 

Transcribers are essentially professional typists who listens to video and audio recordings and then types out what they hear. Due to the pandemic, companies across the globe are in urgently seeking transcribers to help transcribe virtual meetings, videos, legal recordings, music and much more. 

People are earning between $2750-3800 per month as professional transcribers, working from anywhere in the world on their laptops. 

What does a transcriber do?

A transcriber listens to recordings or attends live events and types the contents into a document, which is then returned to the client so that they will have a written record of what was said in the recording. 

The greatest part about becoming an online transcriber?

✓ No Skills Or Prior Experience

✓ No Diplomas or Degrees

✓ No Hidden Fees 

Transcription is an in-demand skill which has become very prevalent during 2020 due to the pandemic.

The need for transcription services has grown by over 279% since the start of 2020 due to the advent of virtual classrooms, meetings and a changing medical industry.

Companies across the globe are looking for dependable and proficient transcribers to assist with transforming audio into text.

Physician’s offices, clinics, government agencies, law offices, insurance companies, hospitals and colleges across the globe now depend on transcriptionists each day.

So what does that mean? This means that transcriptionists are in high demand across the globe…

People across the globe are earning thousands of dollars as online transcribers by listening to audio and typing out what they hear. 

How do transcribers find work?

 There are hundreds of websites online that are actively hiring transcribers as we speak. Corporations in Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, United States and Australia are seeking English speaking transcribers. 

All you need is to get started is: 

✓ A Computer or Laptop

✓ Internet Connection

✓ Fluent in English

If you’re looking for some ways to make extra money right now or even find a full-time work at home job, then start learning how to transcribe.