Manage Your Customer Support Volume

Track and manage your customer support volume Some companies will see a lot of “noise” on social media platforms, like mentions that don’t require a response.

The challenge is to sift through the clutter to prioritize comments that do need action. Other companies will find that most of the comments are direct requests for customer service.

Depending on the volume of customer comments, you may want to use technology to help you. Certain customer service platforms can track social media inquiries and turn them into support tickets. This makes it easy to handle issues while still responding to customers on the platform where they reached out. What an integrated, multi-channel customer service platform can provide is context. 

The more you can see about a customer’s history, the better. Are there open or past conversations with this customer? Who did they interact with, and what was the result? Have they had this same issue before? 

Have they already tried reaching support through other channels, or was social media their first line of defense? If agents already have this user data stored, they can reduce back-and-forth questioning