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A transcriber listens to audio or video files and types out what they hear into text. They will also proofread and edit the text to ensure that it makes sense and is grammatically correct. 

Once you have enrolled in our Transcription 101 course you will receive a username and password for our student portal. Inside the student portal, you can access the course materials and take the final exam. The course material includes:

  • Practice audio files
  • Software setup demonstration
  • Step by step guidance on how to transcribe audio files quickly and effectively.
  • A jobs board which contains links to transcription companies who are actively hiring.

Our course includes a jobs board which provides detailed information about numerous transcription companies who are actively hiring. We also provide tips and guidance on how to apply for jobs. Additionally, one of the chapters of our course includes a step by step guide on how to create the perfect Transcription resume and cover letter. 

Our course takes approximately 2-5 days to read through and understand thoroughly. You will want to try and remember the key concepts in the training so that you are prepared for the test.

Yes. Once you have passed the final exam for this course – you will be awarded an industry recognised certificate from us

Nope! Simply enroll in the course for a one time payment of $27 and enjoy lifetime access.

Once you enroll in the course, you will receive an email instantly. The email will contain the username and password for you to log into your student portal. 

Inside your student portal, if you navigate to the dashboard page – there will be an option called “Final Exam” which you can click on when you are ready to take the exam.

Please navigate to the login page and underneath the login form you will notice small text which says “Forgot password?”. Click this and enter your email address, your new password should be emailed to you immediately. 

You can download your certificate as a pdf straight from your “My Account” area.

Our student portal is a section of our website which is only accessible to enrolled students. This area contains all of the course information, the final exam and also the jobs board.

Please visit www.typewhizz.co.uk/refunds/ to claim a refund on your course.

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