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We hope that you enjoy this course! In order to get started, please watch the Introduction video on this page. If you cannot watch the video, then please follow these instructions:

To access the course materials, please click on the Materials tab above.

Our beginner’s transcription course was designed and created by professional and experienced transcribers. Our guide will help you to understand:

  • What a transcriber does
  • The various types of transcription (Legal, Medical and General)
  • The skills required to become a transcriber
  • On the job tips and tricks to speed up tasks
  • Recommended software and software set up demonstrations
  • A free checklist to make your transcription jobs easier and avoid errors.
  • Practice tests with audio files
  • How to earn money as a freelance transcriber
  • The correct equipment for becoming a transcriber
  • The expected salary and realistic earnings of a transcriber
  • How to identify common mistakes with your transcription files
  • Common homonyms that are useful for transcribing audio files
  • How to create a lucrative business on Fiverr as a transcriber
  • How to invoice and quote clients for transcription services
  • How to write an attractive cover letter
  • How to create beautiful resumes using Canva
  • Which sites to spend your time to win projects
  • Take home information on the highest paying transcription websites
  • How to start your career in transcription without any prior experience
  • Know the process to be followed on the transcription websites

Our detailed course will provide you with practical information about the reality of being a professional transcriber. The guide contains handy tips that will help you complete tasks quickly and scale your earnings. 

Once you have completed our training and feel completely comfortable with the materials, you may take our test at your leisure. Upon passing our test, you will be awarded with a certificate stating that you are a certified transcriber.

Our Transcription 101 course is a comprehensive digital eBook which you can download and conveniently access on any device. 

Download the Transcription 101 course now >> Click hereAs the Transcription 101 course progresses, you will need to refer to the course materials below. 

In this ZIP folder you will find all of the course materials and resources:

  • Practice files
  • Software setup demonstrations
  • Earnings spreadsheet 
  • Common homonyms guide
  • Style and formatting guide
  • Invoicing and quoting templates

Simply click on >>this file<< and a file should begin to download to your computer. Once downloaded, keep this file on hand so that you can refer back to it throughout the duration of the course. In order to open the files, please use Microsoft Word or Google Docs, which is free.