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How to set up Express Scribe

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How to set up Express Scribe

What is Express Scribe?

Scriber Transcription Software is the fastest and easiest way to transcribe audio files. Designed for typists, this program gives you the control you need when transcribing with features including hot keys, foot pedal support, multi-channel control, file management, and much more. Support for all the popular formats like WAV, MP3, WMA, and more.


This free app includes some trial features that are available to try for a limited time in the free version, at the end of which those trial features must be purchased in order to continue to use those features within the app.


Transcription software features include:

• Variable speed playback

• Supports USB foot pedals to control playback keeping your hands free to type

• Speech to text engine integration

• Plays most file formats including encrypted dictation files

• Ability to dock portable recorders to load recordings, perfect for medical transcription

• Automatically receives files and automatically sends the transcription to the person who sent the work


How to setup Express Scribe?

Step 1 of 4: Download Install File

To start downloading the software click on the link

The following screen may be displayed when download begins. We recommend that you should click Run unless you want to save the setup file to your hard drive then choose Save. (Note: You can skip Step 2 and continue with Step 3 if you choose Run).

Step 2 of 4: Open Setup File

If you clicked Run in Step 1, you may receive a security warning, click Run again if you receive this warning and go on to step 2.2.

Step 2B: If you clicked Save in Step 1 or if you are using FireFox or Chrome, you need to double click on the file “essetup.exe” in your downloads list for the browser you are using. Click Run when you see the screen below.

Step 3 of 4: License Terms & Related Programs

After you have clicked run, the Express Scribe Software License Terms window will be displayed as below: Read the license terms and if you agree with them select “I agree with these terms” and click Next.

After the license terms appear a Related Programs dialog will appear. If you do not want to try any of the related programs then make sure all boxes are unticked. Click Next to finish the install.

Step 4 of 4: Installation Complete

Congratulations. You have finished installation. Express Scribe is now ready to use and you can proceed to the next part of the online tutorial.